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AX’IOM card readers – Access Control Solution

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  • Card readers- proximity reader, long range reader STID, HID (125Khz, Mifare, Desfire)
  • Scroll readers – Bar code, magnetic stripe
  • Transmitter / Receiver – (433 Mhz, 866 Mhz)
  • Keypads – Wiegand, autonomous
  • Application reader – Dallas
  • Swallower badges, badges unstacker
  • Long distance identification
  • Looper ground
  • Mobile phone, GSM
  • Badges, key chains, TAG, watches, remote controls
  • Formats: Key, credit card
    Different technologies: 125Khz, Mifare, Desfire, Scrolling, Dallas
    Service badges Personalization
    Providing badge holders

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